Handmade necklace "Dr.tsi"

Handmade necklace "Dr.tsi"

Handmade necklace "Dr.tsi"

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Dr.Tsi is a showman who shows off his emotions.

It has an original design as it is designed to have movement in its head and doors.

Made from silver 925, cold enamel and liquid glass. Its finish is matte.

It comes with a synthetic thread with a handmade clasp.

  • Item Dimensions: 5,0cm-1,3cm
  • Thread Length: 45,0cm
Design, construction by Christogiannis Thodoris

Hand crafted jewelry with emphasis on emotion and detail. Sad and lonely princes who seek the key to happiness, little girls yearning for love, Little Red Riding Hood flirting with the Big Bad Wolf... mechanisms, motion, color, engraved words, names...
All pieces are crafted by hand, using materials as varied as silver, semiprecious stones, enamel, Plexiglas, liquid glass and titanium.
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